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admiral 052The Sidemounted has a space-conscious design and all of our safety and quality features.  The perfect solution for narrow waterways or settings with sidemount requirements.

Model Track Speed Cable Size Bunks Motor Volt/Amp Vertical Travel Max Beam Guide Pole Pilings Price
6k# gear drive  6″x4″x25′ I-beam 20″/min 5/16″x30′ 2″x8″x12′ (2) 3/4HP 120v/30a240v/15a 12′ 8′ 2″x6’8″ 8″ $8,873
10k# gear drive 8″x5″x25′ I-beam 20″/min 5/16″x45′ 2″x8″x12′ (2) 3/4HP 120v/30a240v/15a 12′ 9′ 2″x6’8″ 10″ $10,511
14k#gear drive 10″x6″x25′ I-beam 20″/min  5/16″x45′  3″x10″x12′ (2) 1HP 240v/15a 12′ 10′ 2″x10′ 10″ $13,881
17k# gear drive 12″x7″x25′ I-beam 20″/min 3/8″x45′ 3″x10″x14′ (2) 1HP 240v/15a 11′ 12′ 2″x10′ 12″ $15,624
20k# chain drive 12″x7″25′ I-beam 16″/min 5/16″x90′ 3″x10″x14′ (2) 1HP 240v/15a 9.5′ 12′ 2″x10′ 12″ $17,374
25k# direct drive 12″x7″x25′ Heavy I-beam 11″/min 7/16″x65′ 3″x12″x18′ (2) 2HP brake 240v/30a 13′ 13’6″ 2″x10′ seawall mount only