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Personal Watercraft


For personal watercraft and small boats in a tight dock setting, the Spinner is the smart choice to do the heavy lifting.  Capacity: 1,500#

Motor Volt & Amp Speed Cables Mast/Cradle MaxBeam/Length Carpeted Bunks Grab Rail Piles Price
1 HP 120v/20a240v/15a 108″/min 1/4″x15′ 5″x5″x12’4′x5′ 6’16′ 2″x6″x8′ 2″x36″x46″ Bent 8″ or 10″ pile mount $2,950seawall mount $3,519

Aluminum PWL

All the features adn dependability of the Spinner, but double the capacity!  Up to 3,000#

Motor Volt & Amp Speed Cables Mast & Cradle Max Beam & Length Carpeted Bunks Guide Pole Piles Price
(2) 1HP 240v/15a 108″/min 1/4″x15′ 5″x5″x12’6′ arms 8’20′ 2″x8″x12′ 2″x6’8″ PVC 8″ or 10″ pile mount $5,295seawall mount $6,395

Galvanized PWL

Galvanized PWL’s have quiet, efficient, fast performance and can handle capacities of 1,500# to 10,000#!

Model Cradle Dimension Speed Cables Wood Bunks Motor Volt/Amp Max Beam Mast Guide Poles Piles Price
1,500#  6′x6′ 26″/min 1/4″x25′  2″x6″x8′ 1/2HP  120v/15a240v/10a 7′ 3″x3″x20′ 2″x4′ (1) 8″ $3,500.20
3,000# 6′x6′ 26″/min 1/4″x25′ 2″x8″x12′ 3/4HP 120v/15a240v/10a 8′ 5″x5″x16′ 2″x6’8″ (1) 8″ $4,077.70
5,000# 6′x8′ 26″/min 5/16″x25′ 2″x8″x12′ 1HP 120v/15a240v/10a 8′ 5″x5″x20′ 2″x6’8″ (1) 10″ $5,348.20
10,000# 8′ Lift arms 26″/min 5/16″x25′ 2″x8″x12′ (2) 1HP 240v/15a 9′ 5″x5″x20′ 2″x6’8″ (2) 10″ $10,325.70