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Tropical Deck

We all know how important it is to build a quality dock for long life as well as aesthetic value.  Admiral Boatlifts Marine Construction offers a variety of dock products, the most common of these in the South Florida area being of wood construction.  The quality of lumber is vital for a safe and sound structure.  Therefore, we use .40 CCA pressure treated #1 Grade lumber as one option for building docks and decks.

For customers interested in serious longevity and durability, we offer Ultrawood pressure treated lumber.  Ultrawood is ready to face the elements of nature for up to 50 years and is endorsed by the American Wood Preserver’s Bureau and the Southern Pine Inspection Bureau.  More importantly, the manufacturer treats Ultrawood lumber with an exclusive water-repelling formula that penetrates to the heart of the wood, protecting it against water, rot, decay and termites.  In order to protect your dock, it must be water repellant.

Ultrawood also offers a variation of this product known as Tropical Deck.  Tropical Deck offers the same protection with radius edges and a light finish for a clean looking product with style.  Many owners of our Tropical Deck consider it a showpiece and a source of added value to their property.  Also available are a variety of recycled plastics and PVC decking.  Although life expectancy is said to be many years, there is little or no structural strength with these particular products.

Composite Lumber

Boardwalk Composite Lumber is the newest in outdoor living space construction.  It is a composite lumber made form patent-pending EcoTech material that combines PVC, a weatherable polymer, with recycled natural fibers for strength and durability.  It has a skid-resistant surface, can be stained to match other exterior colors, resists mildew better than wood or even other composite lumbers and has a 10 year warranty!  See the “Wood vs Boardwalk” comparison below for more details.

Short lifespanInconsistent qualityVery high maintenanceProne to rot and decaySplinters, cracks, knotsToxic chemical preservativesClass 3 Fire Rating Exceptional durability Consistent quality Maintenance free No rot or decay Class 1 Fire rating

Pile Restoration

The next time low tide comes around, check your existing dock and boatlift piles at water level.  If they appear to be decaying, you have a problem that can be resolved.  All piles having salt water contact should be 2.5CCA pressure treated lumber.  Water currents and wave action inevitably leech out CCA preservatives from piles, leaving them susceptible  to the wood-boring toredo worm.  To remedy this pest, we suggest pile restoration versus pile replacement.  Pile restoration is a permanent, economical casing that prevents rot, erosion and toredo worm attacks.  It is impervious to ultraviolet light damage and installs on any size pile, using stainless steel nails or bands.  Life expectancy is 25 years!  At roughly 1/4 the price of a new pile, pile restoration makes simple sense!  Thousands have been installed since 1965 and not one has failed.  This patented system is guaranteed for 10 years and unbiased Pittsburgh Laboratory tests prove these results!  Call The Admiral for more details!

Concrete Dock

Info coming soon!