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Floating Docks & Lifts

Floating Lifts

The floating boatlift is a simple and easy alternative for many reasons.  It is designed with speed, durability, and portability in mind and is designed to function both in fresh water and salt water.  It’s 6,000# and 10,000# capacities fasten to either docks or seawalls.  The 6061 T-6 marine grade aluminum, stainless steel fasteners and hydraulic system are suspended out of the water, ensuring years of trouble-free boating enjoyment.  In the raised position, the foam-filled, heavy grade plastic floats become built in catwalks, making your vessel accessible for maintenance, inspection and covering.  Plug the power control unit into any 120v outlet, hit the remote control button, and in a staggering 30 seconds, your boat is high and dry!

EZ Port MAX is the first port of its kind to offer EZ on and EZ off inline parking for multiple PWC parking and can be used with standard EZ Dock, traditional fixed, floating or freestanding docks.

  • Features and Benefits:
  • Modular for multiple configurations to suit your needs
  • Adaptable to your waterfront situation and watercraft
  • Expandable to allow multiple in-line tandem configurations
  • Entry sections may be used “head-to-head” for a drive-through configuration
  • One size fits all roller system
  • Enhanced fit and form to match a wide range of watercrafts
  • Integrated pipe brackets
  • Wider and higher hull cradle
  • Lower entry roller for EZ approach and softer entry
  • Easy loading and unloading
Model Size Weight Float Capcity Price
Entry 149″x60″x11′ 315lb 1380lbs
Extension 146″x60″x11″ 328lb 1400lbs
Integrated Bow 149″x60″x15″ 320lb 1380lbs
Easy Lift Entry 60″x42″x15″ 95lb 400lbs
Full Bow 188″x60″x15″ 490lb 1700lbs
Small Bow 188″x60″x15″ 405lb 1700lbs
Full Bow Section 39″x60″x10″ 60lb
Small Bow Section 33″x10″x16″ 12lb

The EZ Dock Boat Port is an easy drive-on method of dry docking, the Boat Port is self-floating and can move with the changing water levels.

Keeping your boat high and dry, the Boat Port eliminates the need for winching, cranking, pumping or hoisting.

Configurations include:

Max Boat Weight Dock Dimensions
12′-14′ Boat Length
A 1500lbs 13′x10′
B 1600lbs 15′x10′
C 2100lbs 15′x10′
14′-17′ Boat Length
D 2300lbs 18′x13′
16′-18′ Boat Length
E 1700lbs 18′x10′
F 1800bs 20′x10′
G 2100lbs 20′x20′
H 2300lbs 20′x13′
I 2600lbs 20′x16′
17′-19′ Boat Length
J 2500lbs 20′x13′
K 2900lbs 20′x16′

Floating Docks

As well as being used as standard dockage, drive-on floating docks are also and alternative to personal watercraft lifts.  This system will likely increase the use of your craft because of its simplicity.  It was originally manufactured by the Army Corps of Engineers and has a 10 year warranty.  It will not rust, corrode, splinter, chalk or pollute.  It is fuel resistant, impact resistant, UV resistant and maintenance free!  No moving parts or electrciity required.  The floating dock system can be fastened to seawalls or docks and, because it is not a permanent structure, it is easily portable and you will never have to leave your investment behind.  If needed in the future, we can change the configuration or add on to existing units.  Boarding and maintenance of the craft is safe with a 360 degree walk-around platform.  We offer a heavy duty security system made of triple-hardened steel, which is bolt-cutter proof and has a lifetime guarantee.  The docks also come with perimeter tie-off cleats and a safety winch.

EZ Dock vs. Wood

While there are many advantages of EZ Dock over traditional wood docks, the most significant is reduced maintenance, which can be measured in both time and money saved. EZ Dock sections don’t rust or splinter, and they don’t have individual boards that need to be replaced or painted. Pressure washing is a thing of the past with EZ Dock. Soap and water from a traditional garden hose are all you need to clean your EZ Dock system.

Additionally, EZ Dock is environmentally friendly, as it allows sun light to filter through, and it will not release harmful chemicals into waterways as treated lumber can often do.

From a comfort standpoint, the light color of EZ Dock makes it cooler than sun-baked wood, with no splinters or rusty nails, so your bare-foot users will thank you!

The EZ Dock system is easily configured to suit most any need. Combine various size sections and accessories to create a simple swim platform or an elaborate multiple-slip marina.

Size Weight Float Capacity
A 40″x5′x15″ 100lbs 1,000lbs
B 40″x10″x15″ 190lbs 2,000lbs
C 60″x10′x15″ 285lbs 3,000lbs
D 80″x10′x15″ 385lbs 4,000lbs
E 60″x10′x15″ 210lbs 2,000lbs
F Corner Gusset 40lbs

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